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We have over 14 years of experience helping others reach their real estate goals. All while increasing wealth for our clients through aggressive buy/sell prices that achieve immediate equity or maximum profit. I've had extensive training in real estate marketing and can offer you knowledge and tools to be successful in today's ever changing real estate market.


Carolina Piamba has a proven track record in building relationships and serving her community. She brings her heart into every interaction and always creates a strong connection with all of her clients.

Carolina, a native of Mexico, understands the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful and achieve the dream of owning real estate. Whether it’s working with a tenured real estate investor/developer, or a family selling their first home, Carolina understands the value of every dollar and brings her strong financial savvy to every interaction.

Prior to her career in real estate, Carolina worked as a Private Client Manager assisting wealthy individuals and their families in developing a plan to protect and grow their assets. As Carolina worked with her clients to develop a plan to secure their financial future, real estate was always a common asset that was the key to many of her clients past and future success. 

During her free time, Carolina enjoys spending time with her husband Luis and son Alessandro. She loves to satisfy her competitive edge even when she’s not working, frequently participating in running events. 

Carolina has a big heart for contribution and volunteers in her community as a mentor to youth at local schools and together with her husband, volunteers at Habitat for Humanity.