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Homestead Exemption Deadline: March 1st



Homestead exemptions remove part of your home's value from taxation.

Owners who make a property their permanent residence or the permanent residence of their dependent may be eligible to receive a homestead exemption up to $50,000. The first $25,000 applies to all property taxes, including school district taxes. The additional exemption up to $25,000 applies to the assessed value between $50,000 and $75,000 and only to non-school taxes [Section 196.031, Florida Statutes].

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Pinellas County

Hillsborough County

Pasco County


  • The home's owner must be an individual (for example, not a corporation or other business entity).

  • The home's owner must use it as the primary residence on January 1 of the tax year the individual is applying for.

  • A homestead can be a separate structure, condominium or a manufactured home located on owned or leased land, as long as the individual living in the home owns it. 

  • A homestead can include up to 20 acres if the land is owned by the homeowner and used for a purpose related to the residential use of the homestead.

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